Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Full Disclosure

Like it says on my little bio here, quitting hobbies is kind of my hobby.

I'll admit, I've been conveniently mum about my pastimes lately.

So it's not like I need to mention it, because I assume it's pretty obvious, but that little flirtation into knitting... Yeah, I'm over that. I knitted a scarf, gave it to mom my and that's that. No more knitting for me.

Of course, in my zeal to embrace the hobby, I bought a knitting book (yet to have the spine cracked), four rolls of yarn and some bamboo knitting needles. All still in the package. (Maybe I'll have a yard sale.)

And my decision to become "addicted" to running, well, that didn't quite pan out either. I think I ran three times. But hey, I was reallly on a roll there for those three days! But that was about two months ago.

While I'm add it here, I might mention I've all but dialed the numbers to tell my dance teacher I'm quitting, but I went tonight after a three week hiatus, just to make sure I was over it. I love it when I'm there, it's just knowing it's on my agenda that makes me want to quit it. But so far, I'm still in.

I have, in my defense, kept up with writing in the daily journal I started January 1. That's 61 days of dilligence. Quite possibly a new record!

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big bri said...

Maybe you should just stick with what seems to work for you...quitting hobbies. There's no shame in that, after all, George Costanza was a quitter...he was raised to be a quitter.