Thursday, March 23, 2006

CiN Weekly - Not Just A Hobby

A few weeks ago at dance class, Jane brought in a CiN Weekly to show the other girls my picture. I wasn't there that week, but she was telling me about the next week.

"I told them you were really a reporter spy and was going to write about our class," she said.

And then she a few of the other girls started laughing and making jokes about what an uninteresting story it would be.

Then Jane said: "I don't really pick up Cincinnati Weekly that much, but when I saw you picture I thought 'Hey, I know her.' That must be a lot of fun. How often do write for them?"

I told her I write for CiN full time.

"Really," she said, confused and surprised. "What do you really do? I thought you did something else."

"No, that's all I do. I work there full-time. It's my job," I said.

Then another girl chimed in: "Really? So what do you do there?"

I told them I'm a writer for CiN and that it's published by the Enquirer, and before writing for CiN I wrote for Tempo. This seemed to give me some legitimacy, though I suspect they still see my "job" as more of a glorified hobby.

Yes, people: CiN Weekly - Not just a hobby, a real job.


big bri said...

I feel your pain man, I get the same thing alot too. This could be a problem for though as quitting hobbies is your hobby.In this case, your "hobby" also pays the bills

sandy said...

hey g-
so i'm checking out your blog! and not using capitals. larry would be very mad at me.
i had to comment on this one. at least once a day, i get, "you're a photographer? what a fun job, just taking pictures all day!" yeah, just a monkey pushing buttons! and they pay me, too!