Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Adventures in Babysitting

I have some modest babysitting experience, most of it from middle school watching my nephews or a neighborhood kid or two. But no one really asks me to babysit their kids anymore. Even less people ask Ray.

And yet, I love kids. Other people's kids mostly. But still... kids. Love. You know.

So I was pleasantly surprised last week when my friends Erin and Adam found themselves in a bind and asked me if I could watch their twin girls. I happily obliged. And since there were two kids and only one of me, Ray graciously volunteered to tag along so I wouldn't be out-numbered. 

"She must be REAL desperate to be asking me to babysit," I told him. "We can rummage through their fridge and make-out. It will be just like we're in high school."

Sunday morning we woke up early (we had to be there at 10:30, whew!), and headed to our babysitting gig.

When we got there their dad was carrying a girl on each hip as he told us what time they eat and nap, what games they like and how to entertain them. It was so adorable I could hardly stand it.

Then it got real. Real teary.

The girls went in to complete hysterics at the realization they were going to be left with us and cried  "Dada dada dada dada" the entire time Adam was trying to leave. As he was walking out one girl was clutching a toy in each hand and begging him to stay while the other was sobbing for something that sounded like "bab bab bab-babeeee bankeee."

As he escaped out the front door I saw a slight smirk spread across his face.

"Poor things," I'm sure he was thinking.

About us.

After a few minutes of panic on our part at the thought that they might not stop crying, Ray and I quickly settled into a groove with the girls. 

We plied them with puzzles and books and it was no time until they were sweetly and calmly sitting next to us enjoying the afternoon. And after much interpretation and some 1,000,000 Pyramid guessing - Me: 'I think she's saying baby. Is there a baby here, Ray? Did you see a baby somewhere? Can you take us to the baby, little one?' Ray: 'I think I know! She wants the baby from her crib, or maybe the blanket. I'll go get them!' - we even soothed the crying one.

(I was prepared to run out and buy her a baby - real or in doll form - if that's what it took to quiet her heartbreaking cries. Yes, I am sucker.) 

We spent the rest of the afternoon super busy. We read, played 'tiny fake kitchen,' had lunch and I even changed their diapers so Erin wouldn't have to when she got home. (Confession: We had to Google how to work the Diaper Genie. We were baffled. Ray Googled and read directions while I wiped and changed them.)

We've never had so much fun. Truly. The girls were an absolute delight, and for a childless couple who have little interaction with children, it was a rare treat. They were so sweet and affectionate and fun. I think we were both a little disappointed to not have more time with them.

And let me tell you something else, I have never been more baby crazy than when watching Ray lift them into their high-chairs for lunch and carry them upstairs for their naps.

I've never really been one for kids of my own, but I swear I felt myself ovulating just seeing him put tiny cut-up pears on their little lunch trays while calling them "sweet pea" and running after their blankees and baby dolls. Swoon. Had Ray been wearing a plain white t-shirt so his biceps were perfectly showing as he flexed while lifting them, I would have exploded.

Forget Anne Geddes and her weird images of babies coming out of flowers, Ray doling out pears to these baby girls is where it's at. 

In fact, if you're a woman of baby-making age then I am sorry to inform you but you just got pregnant from looking at this photo.

I hope it's twin girls. Ray and I are available to babysit. Just sayin.'

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