Thursday, May 17, 2012

Give It On Up to Homelessville!


Does anyone have any boxes I can borrow? I am going to need them to live in.

It's not certain I will be homeless, but you know how you sometimes get the feeling you might be homeless? I have that feeling.

My lease is up in October so in theory I have plenty of time to find a new place, but whenever I look at apartments I get depressed. Because they're horrible and I hate all of them.

Ray keeps reassuring me we're not going to be homeless. He describes it as, "a little up in the air."

Which sounds a lot like "homeless" to me.

He should pay more attention to my concern here because he's going to end up homeless with me. We're selling/renting his downtown condo and I'm giving up the lease on my apartment so... welcome to HomelessVille, Ray! Population: You and me!

Last night we were browsing apartments and houses and I got so overwhelmed I had to sit down and eat my feelings (a pint of chocolate fudge brownie ice-cream.) I guess the good news is I still have a couch to sit on at this point.

When I said this to Ray he covered his face with the couch pillow and screamed. He's obviously just as upset about all this as I am.

About those boxes... Ray and I will both need large, fridge size boxes and the kitties will need washer/dryer size boxes. Each. (Hey, they're big boned, ok?)



Justin Timberlake - SNL - Give it on up to homelessville


Barbara said...

Moving in together?? Congrats on that!!! :) My condo may actually be up for grabs soon. Not sure my current renter will be staying another year. And...the odds are that I'm not coming back to Cincinnati, so it could be long term. Just a thought!

Gina said...

Good to know, Barbara! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

i suggest you ask some generous soul 4 30K