Monday, April 11, 2011

We Are 'Balls To the Wall'

1) Because we're all ovaries and 2) We're slow as hell.

Look for us at the Pig:

• I'll be the one dying on the hill into Eden Park
• Julie will be anxious about the serious runners near her who are bouncing around and stressing at the first relay stop
• Rachel is the one mostly likely to have 'Balls' lettered on her singlet
• and Michele will be enjoying a glazed donut while she waits for us at the fourth leg.

This is serious, you guys.


Julie Hengehold said...

It's nerve racking to watch those "real runners" pace back and forth waiting for their 1st leg team mate to tag them! Makes me a nervous wreck! haha!

Tabari McCoy said...

How do YOU know Rachel Camper?! And how does she know Michele?!

Gina said...

How funny, we were talking about you at brunch and how everyone in Cincinnati is only a one-degree separation from you, T.

Camper and I work together. She knows Michele through me, who I met at your party a million years ago.