Monday, March 29, 2010

That Was Fun

Friday night a valet informed me his ex-girlfriend was a bartender at FBs and disgustedly added she was probably getting hit on by a bunch of dudes. I shrugged and figured he was probably right. Then I had a little too much fun at happy hour with some old friends and some new ones and lost my debit card.

Saturday afternoon I went out for ice-cream, twice. Graeter's is better than Aglamesis and don't let anybody tell you anything different. Saturday night I played a spectacular game of Ms. PacMan and then got into an argument over who won. (I did.)

Sunday at brunch I grossly oversyruped my waffle and learned that my worst injury is a "chick injury." And if Jack White were to wail on his guitar and come bleeding from his fingers into my apartment the drops of blood onto my hardwood would form into the shape of Jesus, holding a guitar.

Sunday night I invited myself over to Erin and Adam's for another homecooked meal (see photo), this time linguine with clam sauce plus bread and salad. (Bread and salad, y'all.) It was divine. We toasted to our fantastic new Sunday night ritual.

Oh, and then I got my debit card back.

Hope everyone had an equally fabulous weekend.

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