Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hotlanta, Not That Hot

In fact, Hotlanta was cold. And windy. You really disappointed me Atl. I was super looking forward to saying things like, 'It's hotter than Georgia assa-phalt in mid-Ju-ly down here." Sad. Though I did hear a shuttle driver say "pert near." Fortunately, I speak southern (I learned it from my pappy) and that translates to, "Lil' darlin', yer almost there.'

The highlight of my dirty south adventure though was surely eating at Ludacris' restaurant, Straits, in Midtown. Y'all didn't know Luda represents with Asian fusion, did ya? Can a girl get a wonton? Thanks LUDA!

The joint has a jazzy/cool vibe and everyone was dressed real fly while instrumentals of R&B classics played loudly on the overheads, including Nite and Day. (Don't front, you know Al B. was smooth as hell back in the day.)

Unfortch, I can only assume Luda is in some kinda battle with the cabbies of Midtown because it took 20 minutes to get one back to the hotel. What, cabbies don't like Asian fusion? Luda get all Luda up on them after one too many dranks? Luda-Cabbie Midtown turf war? Whatevs.

Glad to be home.

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