Sunday, January 24, 2010

To Unbridled Joy

A few weeks ago Ronson and I were having brunch at The Green Dog Cafe when a couple of toddlers came teetering past our table all smiles and waves, their little bodies stuffed into puffy coats and mittens.

"That's what I want in 2010," Ronson said.
"Babies?" I asked, surprised.
"No, unbridled joy. Completely oblivious. Look how happy they are. You just walk up to strangers and they tell you how cute you are."

I raised my coffee in solidarity and polished off the above breakfast burrito. It wasn't quite unbridled joy, but it was damn good.


Emily @ The Front Burner said...

i am seriously obsessed with the green dog cafe. other than my mom's house, i'd say it's my number one place i want to visit when i am home now!!

Ronson said...

Yesssss! I am honored that this story made your blog. Also: I do love Green Dog - I'll be back there from brunch again very very soon.