Sunday, January 10, 2010

This Little Blog of Mine

I was at just about hook my thumbnail in between my teeth and rip it from the quick when a guy appeared in front of me and asked, 'Is your name Gina.'

It is, I told him. And I took my thumb out of my mouth.

"I read your blog," he said. "I just thought I'd say, 'Hi.'"

How awesome is that?!

This was today Target. I was giving up my search for sticker paper and was on my way to the potato chips granola bar aisle, so I guess I was somewhere near the notebooks and party planning aisles when I met Dan, a blog reader I've never met.

In the five or so minutes we stood there chatting I learned that he's a graphic designer and that his friend, Heather, who moved to San Francisco, sent him my URL when he was looking for local blogs to read. He told me Heather's last name, but I didn't know her. Then I learned that his sister has her dream job at Children's as a child-life specialist at the Liberty campus. I asked if he has a blog (he doesn't) and we agreed we both probably spend too much time reading about other people's random lives on the Internet.

I was happy to meet him.

Back in CiN's heyday it wasn't uncommon for me to be occasionally recognized (usually by a teenage boy) while I was out and about, an occupational hazard of having your photo in the weekly entertainment rag. But never has anyone recognized me simply because of my blog. How outstanding. I'm just sorry I had my thumb in my mouth for my first in-person impression. Aww well.

As I was pushing my cart away I wondered what Dan, my new blog reading BFF from Target, must have thought of its contents, because come on, who wouldn't look, right? So I took a photo and while I can't pretend to know what Dan thought, here's what I'd have thought if I'd have bumped into me at Target:

1.) She's addicted to Advil.
2.) She has sensitive teeth and might also be addicted to toothpaste.
3.) L'Oreal Excellent 9A Light Ash Blonde is a fantastic color on her. (Cooler blonde shades really bring out her brown eyes and pale skin.)
4.) She has a cat, or two.
5.) Wow, this girl really loads up on the toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

All of which is true, of course.

So anyway, a big 'Howdee' to all you Gina Blogs readers out there who I don't know. Which, now that I've met Dan is probably like, no one. So 'Hi' to everyone I do know. See you at Target!


Lizz said...

I usually go out and about looking like shit. Unshowered, no make up, not plucked. A few weeks ago I got gussied up...meaning, I had showered and not wore yoga pants and might have put on some mascara and gloss.

I met a "blog stalker" (her term) that day. I was so thankful that I didn't look homeless that day.... See More

Oh and I totally "read" people by the contents of their carts!

julie fitzgerald said...

this cart says so 'prepared for anything!' world can fall apart but you will have white teeth and great highlights, gd!
(this blog should totally be a book.)

Schmidt said...

Hiya Gina, it's Dan, "the" Dan. And I'm glad you went the "that was awesome" route and not the "oh god, a blog stalker" route. Could've gone either way, I guess.

I didn't even see what was in your cart (promise), so I had to laugh at the photo. Target's all about glamour, right? I certainly was NOT picking up an acid reflux prescription and looking to see if any Wii games were on after-Christmas clearance. Nothing to be embarrassed about here. No sir.

Seriously though, do you ever hear a great song and think "man, I should really pick up the guitar"? To echo what I said before, I enjoy checking in on your blog. It makes me want to blog myself (or blog again - it's been awhile). You make it so personable and easy looking. Glad to have met you.