Monday, March 09, 2009

I Have To Make the President Proud

My dream of a being an Olympian is looking like it might not come true. (Damn.) But my dreams of a gold medal are still alive. (Woo hoo!)

Today I "logged-in" for the President's Challenge, formerly known as the The Presidential Physical Fitness Award. It's not just for elementary school kida anymore, people. It's "grown up," the site says.

My mom will be thrilled. When they'd give me my certificate and patch announcing I had passed the President's Physical Fitness Award my mom bragged on me like I was an Olympian. (Ok, looking back maybe she just wanted me to think I was an Olympian. It totally worked. Thanks mom!)

Instead of Mr. Coleheap vouching for my athletic prowess I enter my activities into the site's nifty activity log. Already I've logged my "activities" for last weekend. To get the bronze award I need 20,000 points. I'm only 18,890 points away!

Looking to check out the awesome medals I'm sure to get in the mail in the next month or so, I clicked on the "earn awards" link and this message popped up:

"Hey! The President's Challenge is about staying active - not sitting in front of a computer. Get out and find something fun to do! We'll still be here when you're done."

Damn. I guess I better get a move on.

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