Sunday, February 05, 2006

Yeah, I Tapped That

Except for a few minor mistakes, I tapped the roof off Florence Mall yesterday afternoon.

Though it was less Tiffany and more Madonna, a la Truth Or Dare.

Remember the part of Truth Or Dare when Madonna bitches to her stage manager it's only "industry" in the front row and everyone is scowling at her?

That's what it was like for me at Florence Mall.

Just behind the ropes were lines of bored-out-of-their-mind dads and grumpy grandparents, all scowling at me while they waited for who they really came to see take the stage. It was awesome. The moms, meanwhile, were busy backstage applying red lipstick and blue eyeshadow to their sequin-clad daughters.

I kept thinking: "Remember to smile. Remember to look like you're not in hell. Remember you're supposed to back-essence, ball-change, ball-change next." For the most part I was able to keep the smile plastered on my face, and even supplied a real one toward the end when I realized it was almost over and I hadn't slipped and fallen or forgotten anything major.

Overall, our adult class was pretty good... But the real show stealers were the second graders who brought the house down with The Peppermint Twist.


Craig said...

I talked to the lady that dances at Wendy's also, and she said that the main drawback of mall performing is changing costumes in the JC Penny's bathroom. Can you verify this?

dancing queen said...

Tis true, I hear. Although I did only one dance so there were no wardrobe changes for me. But I know some of the kids had to change a few times... As for me, the only thing I did was unpin the ridiculous maribou from my collar and put my regular shoes on.

Maribou Nation said...

"Ridiculous maribou"? Is there such a thing as a ridiculous one? That is an insult to maribous.