Monday, January 02, 2006

A Resolution... of Sorts

I have no intention of becoming a better person this year.

No weight to lose. No catching up with long lost friends (Ok, maybe one). No ambition to run any marathons, climb any mountains or learn any new skills.

But I did buy this journal.

Though I've kept a real journal for decades (and have piles of old ones filling my dresser), I've been lax over the last few years. So I bought this journal, with one page per day, with the hope that each day I will write something.

No monumental feelings. No petty bitching. Just a one page record. Things like what I did, maybe what time I woke up, what I ate, who I talked to. Small things.

I've been good so far.


big bri said...

Oh come on Gina, i'm not long lost...i'm right here! Thanks for thinking of me though, does this mean I make it into your journal?

GinaTsunami said...

I write about you in my journal every night, Big Bri. You know that.

big bri said...

What a relief. Just as long as i'm one of the last things you think about everyday.