Sunday, January 22, 2006

Festivus for the Rest of Us

George Costanza's boss hangs out at O'Bryon's.

I saw Mr. Kruger last night - K-UGER! Like one of those old time car horns - hanging out at the bar, playing the juke box and, in festivus tradition, challenging people to feats of strength. Or just drinking at the bar and playing the juke box.

He had some younger, lacky kid with him. And I saw him chatting up what appeared to be a Seinfeld fan, but other than that, Mr. Kruger was pretty low key. Had I had my camera, I would have taken my picture with him. You know, for the blog.

A quick IMBD searchs shows that Kruger is from Cincinnati and has been in just about everything, from Seinfeld to Silence of the Lambs, usually playing cops and generals.


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big bri said...

Of course he had a lacky kid with him, he's Kruger! Wonder if he needs another. Too bad you didn't see T-Bone there too, or Koko the monkey