Sunday, January 29, 2006

Go Steers, Yee-HAW!

Last night I went to the Longhorn Rodeo at U.S. Bank Arena.

Let's just say it's no PBR. (That's Professional Bull Riding for you city folk.)

I went to the PBR last year and it was awesome. I was instantly a huge fan, especially after interviewing one of the riders and having someone to root for.

But the Longhorn Rodeo didn't have nearly the talent of riders the PBR did, and they had lots of dog and pony show stuff that was annoying to sit through. Like a really annoying clown and tiedown roping, which was kind of disturbing after this little calf got his leg lassoed and started wailing to get away. So I cheered for the steers and the calves.

Still, Saturday at the Rodeo... Good times.

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