Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What To Expect With a Cat Named Chuck Norris

While everyone else is sharing back-to-school photos of their adorable kids, I want to share this photo of my little murderer. 

I went into the bedroom last night to find Chuck Norris standing over the lifeless body of a mouse. When I got over being horrified there might be a dead mouse in the bedroom, I then felt horrified there might NOT be a dead mouse in the bedroom.

What if it resurrects itself when I pick him up to throw him out?! What if it runs under the bed?!

I pondered all of this while Chuck batted the mouse's little dead body around and tried to carry him away. Poor mouse. He was cute. 

Don't let this incredibly handsome face fool you, Chuck Norris is aptly named.  

Art muse, murderer, iconoclast. The cat has plans. 

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