Sunday, October 11, 2009

Breakin' It Down at Paul Brown

Friday night was the Cincinnati Youth Collaborative's big gala at Paul Brown Stadium. We skipped the gala and went straight to the after party, and damn, ya'll, we got served.

Everything was cool at first. We were all chillin' and dancin' - and doing it well, I might add - when all of a sudden the band (which was awesome) suddenly started the Soul Train Line.

Oh. Snap.

I was out of my league. But you know who wasn't... my girl Mindi. (Of course.)

Just about the time everyone was back on the floor doing their dance, the band starts up on Single Ladies. Pa-Pow, the whole joint went crazy. And somehow half of them knew the exact moment when Beyonce gyrates to the floor (you know what move I'm talking about), and they all did it in time. Daaaamn.

What have I done with my life, is what I wondered at that exact moment. That could have been me. I should have studied Beyonce's video more. I should know these moves. Stupid!

It was after that that the floor cleared for the dude getting low in this photo, because he and another girl knew all the steps and they brought it like Beyonce was watching. (So this photo obviously isn't of him during Single Ladies, but it's all I had that turned out.)

So yeah, that happened.

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