Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Highlights

My mom was super excited about the new denture cup my dad got her. Merry Christmas mom!

I got kissed by a really cute girl... and got to catch up with other old friends.

Bonded with this cute kitty in the drill bit aisle.

Watched Adam wield his athletic prowess over this mechanical beast.

Hope everyone's holiday was as rockin' as this!


John Foland said...

i find it odd that i'm not on this post as i thought i was the best part of the holiday!

Adam said...

Who can compete with denture cups, girl on girl, bull riding and passing out under the Christmas tree??

Gina said...

You were definitely the best part of the holiday John. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of you passed out under a xmas tree, riding a bull, kissing me (or Lizz) or holding a denture cup.

Though I do have several photos of you picking your nose. HOTT.

Like Adam said, it's difficult to compete with such high-class stuff as this.