Friday, July 01, 2016

Bye Bye Birdie

Sad news, the bird is gone. He came up missing the day after we moved him into the penthouse. I guess there will be no first dates or prom pictures.

Ray thinks he fell out of the penthouse and got eaten by a cat or something. I think an owl probably swept through and got him. But we both agree that the more likely scenario is that his mom just took him to Target for some early back-to-school shopping.

Other scenarios we considered:

  • Tomcat snuck out of the house and ate him.
  • Tomcat snuck out of the house, grabbed him and he and Chuck made him their pet, and he lives in the basement now.
  • He got snatched-up by an owl but then his mom swooped-in, grabbed him out of the owl’s grasp mid-air, and flew him home to another nest.
  • He got a job a Carl's Deli down the street.
  • He and his family went to Coney Island after such a rough weekend.
  • He grew feathers and flew away. (This somehow seems the most ridiculous of all the scenarios.)

Whatever the case, we might not be so great at taking care of birds.

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