Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Invites Are Out

Ray allowed me to address about 10 wedding invitations before he took over. I guess he wants the post office to be able to read them or something.

He's so particular.

Actually, he really is. I found him using a ruler to ensure that the return addresses were centered on the back of the envelopes 'just-so.' Some of you lucky invitees will see the fruits of Ray's labor. The rest of you will marvel that your invite actually made it given that your address was illegible.

There was no turning back as of Saturday afternoon. Sure, it's not 'official' until the license is signed and sent to God the probate court. But everyone knows it's as good as done when the invites hit mailboxes.

And here it is.

Feel free to crash it. We're cool with that.

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