Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Congrats To These Strangers

My dream of seeing a public proposal came true last night.

I always thought it would happen in a restaurant, preferably with the ring adorning a slice of cheesecake or something else amusing, presented to a not-really-suprised-but-maybe-a-little bride-to-be by a waiter on a platter. But alas, it was in Hyde Park Square.

I was enjoying a scoop of Graeter's chocolate and Ray was having butter pecan when we see saw these two. She was nervously excited, almost anxious. He was more calm.

Ray noticed something was up first and wondered if he was going to propose. Sure enough, the dude got down on one knee and pulled a ring box from his pocket. The proposal was quick, and she still seemed very nervous.

It was thoroughly enjoyable to watch. Afterward they didn't shout or proclaim their love to the rest of us in the park or anything, they just sauntered past giggling as she admired her new bling.

I wish now I had stopped them so I could send them these photos.

Anyway, congrats to these two kids. And thanks for making my dream of seeing a public proposal come true!


Brian said...

We saw a couple get engaged in a restaurant a while ago. I saw it coming and watched the whole thing. She didn't exactly seem thrilled. Then they went outside, came back in and kept eating their dinner. Jen's theory was they went out to call family, etc. I think they left so he could beg her to say yes.

Gina said...

Restaurants are engagements are bizarre to me, which is why a) I've always wanted to see one and b) may explain her less than thrilled reaction.

She probably just wanted to finish her salad, cause Panera closes kinda early anyway.