Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Seven Things

1. In case you missed it, the Giants won the Super Bowl, thanks to my dad's TV. Guess the jinx wasn't lifted after all. Curses.

2. Remember about 5 months ago when I was reading Anna Karenina?

Yeah well, I still am. And even though it's taking me forever, not because it's a long book but because it always takes me forever because I'm a lazy reader, it's really good.

That's right, that classic by Tolstoy is a terrific read. You heard it here first, folks.

Cassius loves it too.

3. Watching the Komen Foundation's PR meltdown is... kinda awesome, isn't it?

I want to be disappointed in them because I like to think organizations that make it their mission to eradicate breast cancer are above the political fray and kowtowing. But they're not. Not even close.

I think ol' Komen has been Krazy for a while.

Shop for the cure, y'all. Fried chicken! Batteries! Yogurt! Toilet paper! Perfume!

Gah. We're all "aware." Thanks.

Every October I find myself in the uncomfortable position of being anti the pink tinting that happens across the US. Too much tas-tas and boobies and pink ribbon teddy bear sloganeering and not enough of the very real shit that does down with cancer and its treatment.

Now ringleader Karen Handel has resigned. Meh. You can't just blame Handel when everyone else (Brinker, I'm looking at you) signed off.

But the question remains - Is restoring their ties to Planned Parenthood and severing them with Handel what Komen believes is right, or what they thought they should do PR-wise?

Either way, think before you pink, y'all.

4. I know all the cool kids are watching Downton Abbey these days, but the Wonder Years (best show EVER) is on The Hub every week night. Set those DVRs immediately for Kevin and Winnie, 60s strife, war and peace and coming of age.

P.S. Every love you've ever known pales in comparison to Kevin's love for Winnie. Fact. So don't even try. It is unparalleled.

5. I haven't had as much time to write lately because hell froze over and that deal I made with the devil to preserve my youth and vitality has come to fruition.

Which is to say instead of spending my evenings sitting on the couch like it's my job I've been doing that thing where you get your heart rate up and sweat and lift heavy things and run around like a crazy person.

"Exercise," I believe, is what the health officials call it. 

Weights. Running. Pilates. Yoga. Barre. Most days since like, November.

I don't know what switch flipped inside the motivation part of my brain, but I'm going with it until it switches back. *cue LMFAO, 'I work ouuuuut.'

Yeah, so I've been working out. Then I've been going home and mining the brownie pieces out of the Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ben & Jerry's, thereby undoing everything good I just did. I'm a winner.

6. I'm gonna be straight floatin' on a boat soon.

I've always been anti-cruise. More like terrified, really… by the people who cruise, I mean; not the boats or the water or being at sea.

Now I guess I will be one of those terrifyingly spoiled people climbing a rock wall on a ship, demanding booze, constant stimulation and attention from the staff.

Contrived "fun," woo hoo! (Also see: New Years Eve, birthdays, Las Vegas.)

But, I was told there would be cake all the fruit I can eat. So... I'm really excited about it now that it's planned.

I'm taking T-Pain.

7. I feel bad about about the dead polar bears who must be littering the Arctic right now with their thawing bodies, but hasn't winter been great?

At first I wanted it to blizzard at least once so I could call into work "trapped" and go sled in the park across the street - you can sled right into a drainage ditch - but now I don't even want that anymore.

That little bit of snow we got this morning was juuuust perfect.


SandyB said...

Man, G, you did it again. Turned my hump day into HOORAY!

I love your blog :)

Gina said...

You know I got your back, SB!