Thursday, January 05, 2012

And Just Like That, It's A New Year!

You know who had the best New Year's Eve kiss ever?

Ray, me and this guy's head.

We spent NYE recounting 2011 over hearty plates of pasta and red wine at the bar at Via Vite, a score by yours truly.

By the time I remembered to call and get reservations everything was booked. The hostesses basically laughed and hung up on me.

No matter. Necessity is the mother of invention, right?

Ray's suggestion when he saw the packed bar was, 'Let's just go to Scary Arby's.' My invention was to scowl at people until they left. Thanks to my keen eye and hovering skills we not only scored two chairs but also - drum roll! - free olives.

We are not afraid to eat olives left by previous diners. (Ok, Ray's not afraid anyway.)

Maybe I'm a jerk for saying this, but I was stunned by how many people were at Fountain Square for New Year's Eve, drinking and toasting and eating cotton candy and popcorn. It was shoulder to shoulder, our own little version of Times Square, but with a Chocolate Lady Statue instead of a ball dropping.

I tried to get crowd shots but instead the first 10 seconds of my video is of the folks warm and cozy staring out of their rooms at the Westin, watching the rest of us shiver. Twenty seconds after the stroke of 2012 you can hear Ray say, 'Come on, kiss me.' We forgot to kiss because I was filming the fireworks Westin. Oops.

Which brings me back to the best New Year's Eve kiss ever... It looks like I'm trying to get away from Ray but actually I was saving our lives. The guy in front of me was practically on top of me. I was afraid we'd all topple over like dominoes. The whole sea of people at Fountain Square, on their asses because I tipped over.

But I stayed steady, my friends. If that doesn't say 2012 is going to be a great year then I don't know what does.

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