Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Well, It Could Have Been Worse!

Julie's not in this photo because she decided to get drunk instead of eat crepes. Or something like that.

The swear words I said to the rain on Sunday morning as my pony-tail and Mizunos filled with water would have made a longshoreman blush.

And the expletives I used to get my out-of-shape ass up Gilbert Avenue and then Eden Park hill… no one should be cursed at like that, least of all by their own foul mouth.

"Damn-it, Daugherty, you SUCK. How do you live with yourself, you miserable, lazy, horribly out of shape piece of (beep)! You should be (beeping) ashamed! (BEEEEEP!!!) This! This is all you've got to show for (beeping) yourself?! You're gonna let this hill kick your ass again?! Of course you are, because you (beeping) SUCK! You don't even deserve that gummi bear you're gonna eat... oooh! Gummi bears!"

Then I felt better.

It rained on me again this Pig. And it was a same out-of-shape slog for 6.8 miles as it was last year. And I could hardly walk for two days afterward I was so sore.

And yet, I would describe it all as fun. Can't wait for next year even!

But next year, things are gonna change - Imma be in shape! Imma run the whole time! Imma be lightning fast! Imma... wait, didn't I say this all last year?

Eh, whatevs.

To 2012!


Kelly said...

Whatevs, this year was WAY worse for you than last ... because duh, no Injury Olympics as we struggled up Eden Park Drive!

See you out there next year. My kneecaps will be rolling around inside my legs.

Brian said...

Nice to see you've continued your streak of not training for the Pig yet still finishing it. I think you're onto something

Gina said...

KHud, I missed you horribly this year. As I crossed the bridge where we met last year my blister let out an Injury Olympics cry for you. 2012!

Big Bri - you know how I roll (er, walk). I gotta keep up my fantastic reputation.