Thursday, September 30, 2010

Vitamin P... For Poison

I don't know how to tell you guys this so I'm just gonna come out and say it: Flintstone's changed their vitamin formula to poison!

Remember when you were a kid and Flintstone's chewables were delicious, and so taking your vitamin was exciting because they tasted like Pez and you hid under the kitchen table and gobbled down as many as you could?

Well, not anymore my friends.

Last week I excitedly bought a bottle of Flintstone's Complete ("now more complete with choline!" whatever that is) and eagerly handed them out to my coworkers in an effort to boost their immune systems and make them owe me for life. As we chomped down on the red and orange and purple Bam-Bams and Barney's we smiled at how delicious and fun it was to take our vitamins.

YUM! We. Are. So. Healthy!

But then, OMG... The horror! Our smiles quickly turned into poison yuck faces, y'all. It tasted like Fred Flintstone pooped in our mouths. Wtf?! We cursed the bottle - why has thou forsaken us, Flinstone's vitamins?! - and spent the next 20 minutes scrunching up our faces in disgust and attempting to extract the awful, iron-tasting chalky grit from our tongues. All to no avail.

Thanks for ruining our childhoods, Flintstone's. These things are little torture pills now. Give them to your kids (or coworkers) only if you want them to hate you.


Yvette said...

Did you consult with Alena before writing this? Our kids get these little Flintstone beauties every morning (complete with choline) and three of them gobble them down as soon as they hit their breakfast seats. Alena ALWAYS saves hers for last and then spends an additional 10 minutes at the breakfast tablet getting it down. Truth be told, I've never popped one ... all her "I hate these vitamins" drama may actually have merit. I'll test the Alena/Gina theory in the morning.

Gina said...

Alena is your only child with taste buds. Did you try one? The red are the worst ones we decided.