Thursday, June 03, 2010

What's Up, Dirt Bag

Check out that bag of soil, y'all. Impressive, no? We're talking 64 quarts of super absorbing, nutrient rich, Twice-As-Big™ as redemption, tomatoes as big as your head inorganic plant feed.


It also "protects against over and underwatering. SOLD. (Is there such thing as overwatering? I know not of what you speak.)

I left work early on Friday to go buy it because my dad, balcony green-thumb extraordinaire, was driving three hours from Indiana to plant my petunias and tomatoes for me, as he does every year.

If I don't go buy dirt he will bring it with him, see. And then I'll have to help carry silt from the Mississinewa River up three flights of steps, on a tarp, leaving trails of fine dirt behind us as we go. It's just easier when it's already in a bag, you know what I'm sayin'?

Everyone's dad steals dirt from the river and loads it into his truck, right?

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