Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Has It Been A Year?

Today was the one year anniversary of my "new" job.

I guess it's not that new anymore but it's still shiny and heart-shaped. With a title like Senior Marketing and Communications Guru In Charge of Everything Awesome in the Heart Institute, how could it not be.

For my anniversary I asked for a Vespa, but I got a new desk instead. This means my head doesn't get radiated anymore whenever someone heats up their Lean Cuisine. So long microwave and mini-fridge!And check out my sweet new computer. Did someone say 21 inches?! I'm practically CEO now.

A year ago life was pretty dull… I knew virtually nothing about cardiomyopathy and no one ate the "leftovers" out of my trash can.

The Boss Man said to me recently, "You thought scientists were boring, and instead you got this wild carousel of delights!"


These days I can expect to be flipped off by the same colleague who also kindly shares his baby carrots with me; invited to dinner by coworkers who fear I eat only frozen pizzas (totally true, you should also invite me over for dinner); given mini-candy bars, hotel soaps and called Boo. Just another day at the office.

And when I call in sick for peeing blood clots, people are actually concerned. A job is only as good as the people you work with, and I have good colleagues in spades.

As for the work, pretty much everyone is smarter than me... you know, saving babies, trying to cure heart disease, scheduling appointments in an archaic email system, doing marketing stuff (whatever that is)... so it's humbling and challenging and most often, fun even.

I'd probably do it for free, but thankfully they keep paying me, cause it's looking like I will have to buy that Vepsa myself. Happy anniversary to me!

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